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-=====**Bird Watching Walk SAT 4TH May 2019**==== 
-Come and join Mr. Pete Brown on a bird watching walk around Waterthorpe and Owlthorpe on the 4th May. Please meet at the Beighton/​Drakehouse Lane tram stop (S20 7PS) where the walk will commence at 8.00am and finish around 11.00am. 
-All are welcome. 
-For further information,​ please contact Mr. Karl Knight on 0114 2735804 
   ​   ​
-=====**FRIDAY 17 MAY 2019 (Provisional) CHESTERFIELD AREA WALKING FESTIVAL**==== ​ 
-A walk around the Moss Valley, organised by the Don Catchment River Trust, in association with the Moss Valley Wildlife Group. Further details will be posted when available. 
-====**Summer Walk 9th July 2019**==== 
-Come and join us on our Summer Walk in the valley which will be taking place on the 9th July 2019. Please meet in the Ford Car Park (to the left of the Bridge Inn) where the walk will commence at 10.30am and finish around 2.30pm All are welcome. 


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