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-=====CHANGED DATE FOR 2018 AGM=====+=====**Bluebell Walk 2019**=====
-Please note that the AGM will now take place on Monday 16th July 20187.30 pm at Gleadless Methodist Church. This change ​was due to unavoidable absences ​in JuneThe AGM is also listed on the Events page on this siteMembers ​are strongly encouraged ​to attend the AGM as it will discuss ​the future ​of the Group.+MVWG  Bluebells 2019 
 +Our bluebell walk was on the 23rd April 2019the earliest we have ever had itAbout a dozen of us met at Coal Aston but it was cold, fortunately,​ since some had come just in shirt sleeves, it soon warmed up and by around eleven some were stripping off fleeces, come  lunch time, it was positively exoticJust about 10 minutes into our walk the excitement began. Passing a field of hard baked earth, sparsely covered with brown, withered grass, it drew our attention because this field is normally green with thick coarse grasses and a fair selection of wild flowers. Closer examination revealed that through ​the hard almost bare earth emerge adders tongue ferns and they were all over the place. Yet this species, classified as uncommon, should only emerge in June to August !  
 +As we progressed other surprises, normally when bluebells are in full bloom, wood avens and celandine are effectively over, but not this year, they were all in bloomIt was noticed how dry everything was with very little under storey. ​ Wood avens , celandine and bluebells flowering in clumps ​ amongst dry leaves, normally these are trying ​to burst through a carpet of grass, but there was virtually no grass anywhere. Through Whinacre and Owler Car woods bluebells were in full bloom. Often against this dry, brown floor there would be a slash of brilliant blue, a very striking picture. Dowey Lumb and Bridle road wood displayed massed bluebells at their best. Long wood showed some vasts carpets of blue bells as did Cook Spring wood.   
 +We started off the day with a surprise, the adders tongue, so almost home, we ended with a surprise. On a young beech, a swarm of longhorn moths, These are very small and the bottom half of their wings are made from burnished gold which glistens in the sun. Again, this species does not normally gather until May June. Those who recall my Christmas quiz on collective nouns should add this one; a shimmering of longhorn moths.


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