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Welcome to the Moss Valley Wildlife Group website where you can

                                                                                 find information 
                                                                 about the Moss Valley, our group, news and events, participation and more. The 
                                                                 Gallery page on this website shows a selection of photos of views, species found 
                                                                 and activities undertaken within the valley.
                                                                 The Moss Valley is located on the border between North East Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, just to the south east of Sheffield. It lies mostly within **green belt land**, its central feature being the Moss Brook which flows east for about five miles before entering the River Rother near Eckington. The map reference SK402804 is at the hamlet of Ford, which is approximately the centre of the valley, just six miles from the centre of Sheffield.  

View towards Robin Brook, photo:Chris Hobson

This is a working agricultural valley with both livestock and arable farming. It includes designated as nature reserves and is therefore rich in varied wildlife. The Moss Valley Woodlands nature reserve is managed by Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust. There are three Sites of Special Scientific Interest and other sites are entered on the Derbyshire Wildlife Sites Register.

The valley has ancient woodlands, meadows, hedgerows, ponds and marshland, together with many tributory streams flowing into the Moss. Access on foot is easy as there is a network of public footpaths criss-crossing the area. The flora and fauna include the common and not so common, but you will see bluebells, lesser celandines, wood avens, betony, various fungi, and many species of trees. Mammals include fox, pipistrelle bat, stoat, bank vole, roe deer and brown hare. There are many bird species and a wide variety of insects. There is something of interest in all seasons of the year.

fly agaric|photo:K.Pascoe

Alongside the old farms the valley contains some interesting industrial archaeology. The Moss Brook and its ponds once powered eight water wheels when it was an important centre for the grinding of scythes and sickles. One of the dams (Never Fear Dam) is pictured below and is just a short walk downstream from the Bridge Inn at Ford. There is also evidence of charcoal burning and old drift mines which extracted coal from the underlying rocks, which form part of the coal measures. Seldom Seen Engine House, near Eckington, is a surviving relic of the industrial past. It is pictured on the right below.

small tortoiseshell|photo:Jean Kilner


The group was formed in 1982 to resist the threat of urban development in the valley, when the City of Sheffield was expanding. Our main purpose now is to bring together people who have an interest in conserving the flora, fauna and habitats found in the valley.

We have a strong association with local statutory and non-statutory bodies such as the local authority Countryside and Planning Services at Sheffield City Council, Derbyshire County Council and North East Derbyshire District Council; Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, RSPB Sheffield, Sorby Natural History Society, Lowland Derbyshire Biodiversity Partnership, and Sheffield Hallam University. We also have links with other local groups.

You can enjoy the activities and the make new friends in a family friendly group, learn more about their local area, take part in healthy activities, and have the satisfaction of doing something for future generations. We welcome all to our informal walks and meetings. Please contact us if you wish to take part in the activities - see the Contacts page.

We have a varied programme of activities:

  • Wildlife walks
  • Plant and mammal surveys
  • Fungus walks
  • Recording of species
  • Promoting the Group at local events (as and when possible)
  • Social evenings

We also try and keep the website up to-date on a regular basis to inform all viewers about the groups and other associated groups activities.

Reporting crime and nuisance in Moss Valley

We encourage you to report incidents to the appropriate authorities. The contact numbers for these are provided at the bottom of the links page on this website.

The group has received awards in recent years for its conservation efforts:

  • 2011 Certificate from Derbyshire County Council Countryside Service for partnership working in conservation
  • 2009 Highly Commended, Himalayan Balsam Pull Project, Sheffield First Environment Community Award
  • 2008 Excellence in the Community, Derbyshire County Council
  • 2007 Roll of Honour, Sheffield City Council S.E. Area Panel

Further pictures of the Moss Valley, like the ones below, can be seen by clicking on the “gallery” tab at the top of this page.



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